An e-learning package is to be designed for the topic “Assurance of Product Safety”. We focus on investigating consumer goods. To ensure safety of products, safety standards specify recommended or mandatory requirements and are normally laid down by advisory or regulatory bodies. Product liability, types of product risks, risk management, international standards, news, responsible organizations and relevant information are discussed in this package. The e-learning package is designed for the potential users who include engineering students, teachers or other people who are interested in the topic.

Apart from informative materials, the e-learning package also include online quizzes and tutorials for the potential users to assess their understanding of the subject matter.

In addition to allowing users to gain knowledge and find materials from the e-learning platform, it also focuses on enhancing further studies and research on this subject.

The ultimate goal of this project is to provide a modern learning approach through an e-learning platform. During the development of the project, continuous improvement on the project will be implemented. Moreover, prototypes of the package will be made for future development.


Why E-Learning?

Electronic learning (e-learning) provides the possibilities that students can learn without actually meeting the teachers. Students and teachers meet at virtual learning environments (VLEs) instead of meeting face-to-face. Usually, the medium of e-learning is computer together with the Internet.
Nowadays, learning through e-learning platform rather than text book learning becomes more and more popular because of its convenient and efficient features. There are a number of reasons for the popularities of e-learning from different viewpoints. They include,

Advantages to the learners:

  1. Self-motivated learners may have immediate gratification of learning.
  2. Save time by avoiding doing empty routine work.
  3. Fast location of materials (simply searching by keywords allows learners referring to any materials they want in an efficient way).
  4. Interactive habits (discussions being held after class).
  5. Interesting learning through multimedia learning resources (animations, sounds, graphics, movie clips and so on).

Advantages to the teachers:

  1. Easy to prepare materials.
  2. Easy to form more systematic and distinct teaching approaches.
  3. Fast and accurate evaluation of students’ works.
  4. Easy to lead the learning groups and communities, therefore it provides good learning and knowledge sharing atmosphere.
Because of observing the trend of e-learning becoming more and more popular, we present our subject content (assurances of product safety) on an e-learning platform. We hope the potential users can fully utilize our created platform and find the platform useful and interesting.


Last updated on 14 APR 2010