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Product Safety Marks

What is Product Safety Mark?

Any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product has/have the liability for damages caused by that product. That means they are required to make products to be safe for consumers. Also, if they want to access to the main international markets like Europe and Japan, their products must be in compliance with international regulations. The products with product safety marks imply that they have passed some specified safety tests and can access to specified markets.

The parties along the chain of manufacture need to put their products to laboratory tests for getting the product safety marks in order to declare the safety of their product.

Example: a USB portable driver with Product Safety Mark


Common Product Safety Marks








About CE Marking

According to the current CE Conformity Marking Directive under 93/465/EEC, which is published on 22 July 1993 by the Council of European Communities, it states that:

The aim of CE Marking is to symbolize the conformity of a product with the levels of protection of collective interests imposed by the total harmonization Directives and to indicate that the economic operator has undergone all the evaluation procedures laid down by Community law in respect of his product.

The letters "CE" (in French "Conformité Européenne") indicate that the manufacturer has satisfied all assessment procedures specified by law for its product.

CE Marking
  • is the European proof of conformity and is also described as a ‘passport’ that allows manufacturers and exporters to circulate products freely within the Europe.
  • is easier for companies to access into the European market to sell their products without adaptation or rechecking.
  • is not a marking of approval, but a marking which is a manufacturer’s self-declaration of conformity.
  • is the declaration that contains the details of the Directive(s) to which the product complies and the standards that were relied upon in assuring compliance.
  • must be affixed visibly, legibly, indelibly:-

    Affixed Visibly:

    colour of the letters (CE) must be distinct from the background

    Affixed Legibly:

    each letter (‘C’ and ‘E’) must have a height of at least 5 mm

    Affixed Indelibly:

    must be retained after washing (for any washable product)

Recognised Format of CE Marking

CE Marking - Recognised Format




Certification Mark of CE

Certification Mark of CE

Name Conformité Européenne (French)

since 1993

Country European Area

The official website of the European Union: EUROPA



From the book: Tricker R. (2000). CE conformity marking and new approach directives . Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.




What is FCC?

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

  • is an independent agency of the United States government.
  • was founded by the Communications Act in 1934.
  • is charged with regulating all commercial electronic devices which
    • are sold in the United States,
    • employ clocks or oscillators,
    • operate at a frequency of greater than 9 kHz, and
    • use digital techniques.

Certification Mark of FCC

Certification Mark of FCC

Name Federal Communications Commission
Year since 1934
Country United States





Japan Toy Safety Standard

  • is implemented and governed by Japan Toy Association (JTA).
  • is the main testing standard recognised by the toy market in Japan.

About Safe Toy (ST)

The toys compliant with the standard are eligible for the Safe Toy (ST) Mark application.

The Safe Toy (ST) Mark implies that the toy is in compliance with the Japan Toy Safety Standard of the Japan Toy Association (JTA).

Certification Mark of JTA

Certification Mark of ST


More Infomation about JTA

Name The Japan Toy Association
Year since 1967
Country Japan




What is VCCI? Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment (VCCI)
  • is the Japanese body governing radio frequency emissions (i.e. electromagnetic interference) standards.
  • is established in December 1985. More than 1,000 companies in Japan and overseas joined it.
The VCCI mark
  • indicates voluntary control.
  • signifies that the product’s manufacturers and companies voluntary control radio interference from product to safe level.
  • generally appears on electrical equipments, such as digital cameras, mobile phones, computer display monitors, ATM, photocopiers and so on.
  • also appears on electrical equipments which are sold outside Japan.

Logo of VCCI

Certification Mark of VCCI

Name The Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment
Year since 1985
Country Japan


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