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A Design FMECA for Marker


Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis - FMECA Standard Log Sheet
Session: __Project - Get the product better___ Reference Materials: _____________/______________ Design/System/Process: _____Marker______
Participants: _Andrew Lau, Amy Liu and Sandy Li______________________________________________ Date: ________23 November 2009_______
Item Components/System Function Failure Mode Causes Effects S L D RPN Recommendations Action/Responsible
1 Label For instruction Colour fade out Scratching Poor readability 5 9 1 45 Use protective layer to cover the label
2 Cap Protect the rod Break Incorrect material thickness It cannot cover properly. 5 2 3 30 Add protective material
    Prevent the ink rod from drying when not in use Loose Wearing of the cap not completely match with the body 5 1 3 15 Add a snap for securing the cap
3 Ink Rod Storage of ink Leaking of ink Broken of protective layer

- Ink lose

- Dirty

8 2 9 144 Double protective layer


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