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What are Toys?

Toys are things used in play and are usaully associated with children. Toys are important for child development by providing entertainment while fulfilling an educational role such as enhancing cognitive behavior and stimulating creativity. There are billions of toys manufactured every year. Therefore, toy industry is a very large industry in the world.

According to Wikipedia (Toys), types of toys can be categorized as below:

Toys type


Construction sets

Wooden blocks, Lego, Lincoln Logs

Dolls, animals, and miniatures

Teddy Bear, Barbies, Action Man, Toy Soldiers

Vehicles toy cars, trains, remote control toy cars, helicopters
Puzzles Rubik's, picture puzzles, construction puzzles
Physical activities yoyo, tops, balls
Collectibles cards, figures
Promotional merchandise Star Wars related toys, Manchester United related toys



Construction sets : LEGO

Toy polymer clay : Play-Doh

Puzzle : Rubik's


Types of Product Risk - Toys


Fire and Burn

Toys may contain highly flammable substances especially for the electric toys.

Example: Vehicles Toys



Small parts of toys may be swallowed by children accidentally.

Example of Choking



Children can pull themselves up to a hanging crib toy and become entangled or fall forward over it. However, they cannot disentangle themselves, support their own weight, or lift themselves off the toy. The results can be injury or death


Cuts by sharp parts

The sharp parts and edges may cause cuts on fingers easily.

Example: Internal Link: Engineering Issues > Articles > Related News: Toys "R" Us Pays Civil Penalty


Related Standard
  1. BS EN 71-1 : Safety of toys —Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties

    Internal link : Risk management > Safety Standards > BS EN 71-1

  2. BS EN 71-2 : Safety of toys - Part 2: Flammability

    Internal link : Risk management > Safety Standards > BS EN 71-2


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