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Product Recall


Request to return to the maker a batch or an entire production run of a product, usually due to discovery of safety issues.



Customer bring back the purchased merchandise to the retailer or manufacturer for receiving cash refund or exchange for another item (identical or different at the same price)


General Steps to a Product Recall

1. Maker or dealer notifies the responsible authorities of their intention to recall a product. They should establish consumer hotlines or other communication channels together with specifying the serial numbers/ batch numbers are recalled.

2. Release product recall announcements on the respective website (for recall notifications) and in paid notices in the newspapers or even news television reports for heightening the publicity.

3. The consumer group notifies the public by various means.

4. Advise the consumer to return the goods to the seller for a full refund or exchange for another item.

5. The compensation approaches will vary depending on the specific laws governing consumer trade protection and the cause of recall.


Technology Regarding Product Recall

RFID (Radio-frequency identification)

A basic RFID system consists of three components:

1. An antenna or coil

2. A transceiver (Reader)

3. A transponder (RF tag)


Inside an RFID tag is a microchip connected to an antenna. The microchip can store modest amounts of information, up to about 2k bits.

RFID readers control the wireless reading and writing of information stored on an RFID tag. The RFID reader generates an RF field around its antenna. The RF field gives the tag power, data to the reader


Replacing barcodes for product recall campaign:

It is much easier for tracking the product by RFID instead of barcodes. The uniqueness of RFID tags means that a product may be tracked as it moves from location to location, finally ending up in the consumer's hands. The tracing of products is an important feature that gets well supported with RFID tags containing a unique identity of the tag and also the serial number of the object.

It helps companies to cope with quality deficiencies and resulting recall campaigns.


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